AVANTI’Art Deco’ Espresso Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Stove Top 4 Sizes

AVANTI'Art Deco' Espresso Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Stove Top 4 Sizes

AVANTI'Art Deco' Espresso Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Stove Top 4 Sizes
AVANTI Espresso Coffee Maker’Art Deco’ Stainless Steel Stove Top 4 Sizes. The Avanti Art Deco Espresso Maker with it’s refined shape and it’s high quality construction is both stylish and functional. Finely crafted from high grade 18/8 stainless steel material utilising state of the art seemless manufacturing technology. Capacity: 2cup/100ml, 4cup/200ml, 6cup/300ml, 10cup/500ml. Finest quality 18/8 stainless steel. Easy pour drip free spout. Care and use Instructions on Box. How to make the perfect espresso. Fill the boiler (marked A in the diagram) with water almost up to the safety release valve and insert the funnel-shaped metal filter (B). Add finely-ground coffee to the filter as shown below. Tightly screw the upper part (C, which has a second metal filter at the bottom) onto the base. Place the pot on a suitable heat source, bring the water to its boiling point, and thereby create steam in the boiler. A gasket ensures a tightly closed unit and allows for pressure to safely build up in the lower section, where a safety valve provides a necessary release in case this pressure should get too high (with clean filters, that should not happen). For best results, fill up the entire filter with coffee and place over medium to medium-high heat. The steam eventually reaches a high enough pressure to gradually force the surrounding boiling water up the funnel through the coffee powder and into the upper chamber (C), where the coffee is collected. When the lower chamber is almost empty, steam bubbles mix with the upstreaming water, producing a characteristic gurgling noise. As with percolators, the pot should not be left on the stove so long that the coffee boils. Ideally, with a little practice, it should be removed from the heat before it actually starts gurgling – usually, when only about half of the top chamber has been filled. This item is in the category “Home Appliances\Coffee & Tea Makers\Percolators, Moka Pots & Turkish Coffee Pots”. The seller is “goodsunflower” and is located in this country: AU. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Size: 10 Cup / 500ml
  • Brand: Avanti
  • Type: Stovetop Espresso Maker
  • Manufacturer Colour: SILVER
  • Capacity: 100 ml,200 ml,300 ml,500 ml
  • Model: Espresso Coffee Maker
  • Type of Coffee Made: Espresso
  • Brewing Time: 5 min
  • Features: Dishwasher Safe, Easy to Clean, Energy Saving Mode
  • Bean Capacity: 100 ml,200 ml,300 ml,500 ml
  • Components Included: Stovetop Espresso Maker, Disc, Seal
  • Colour: Silver

AVANTI'Art Deco' Espresso Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Stove Top 4 Sizes